You know how there are days where it feels like Groundhog Day?

You wake up, do the same thing everyday. Go to work, do your chores, be responsible, care for others. At the end of the day, you spend a few measly minutes of ‘me time’ scrolling or watching TV just so you feel like you’ve had a minute to yourself?

You sometimes catch yourself daydreaming. 
Wondering what your life could've been like had you made different choices?

You’re frustrated that.. THIS IS IT – is this all there is?

Do you feel like sometimes you just want to hit the reboot button on your life and start again?

You're Not Alone... 

Studies have found that over 77% people in the modern world wish they could live a simpler, happier life. The good news is there are evidence-based techniques and strategies to improve life satisfaction which are used by some of the top clinicians across the globe to help their clients live a happier, healthier life.

So how can you make this happen for YOU?

Simple – this program was developed by top Australian Psychotherapist & Mental Fitness 
Coach; Heidi Underwood, and she is making it available to you, in your own home or office - right NOW!

After 10 years of research, compiling notes, training, educating, and working in the field of mental health and wellbeing, Heidi has built an amazing tool for people just like you, to get the results they want.

The results YOU want. 

The results you NEED.

What's Included in the Reset Program?

I'm glad you asked!  Let's break down each of the 3 main modules you will access with the program.

Life Pillars

($497 Value)

  • Learn about the 8 fundamental life pillars and why they are so important
  • ​Complete a life wheel task which is used by some of the top coaches in the world to assess your current situation
  • ​Go through a 3-step process of analysis your current life, and identify what is working, and what needs improvement
  • ​Create a plan of specific actions to take from here to get the life you want

Your Mindset 

($447 Value)
  • How to Optimise your mindset to work FOR you
  • ​Identifying YOUR thinking style, and how it impacts the results in your life
  • ​Learn top secrets from a Cognitive Behavioural Specialist of how your thoughts directly influence your outcomes - and how to shift them
  • ​​Complete a 10-step, mind-blowing process, which will leave you with clarity, feeling clear minded & optimistic

Taking Care of You

($297 Value)
  • Learn about WHAT stress IS, how it impacts your body, and why you need to reduce it NOW
  • ​Access the 8 most effective things you can do to reduce your stress levels
  • ​You will be shown 4 secret techniques to reduce stress instantly, used by top clinicians across the globe
  • ​Learn why self-care is necessary and create your very own self care strategy using the 3 step process that has helped thousands of people just like you
  • ​Get a BONUS printable planner, so you can schedule in some time to take care of YOU!

Take Action today and we will include the following..

Additional Bonus Item

Take Action today and receive immediate access to our 
Head Start Bundle program valued at $997
at no additional cost to you

" Heidi is the real deal - knowledgeable, approachable and wisdom beyond her years. I love Heidi's ability to assist with the challenges in life, in family, in business and like an oxygen mask Heidi enables you to catch your breathe so you can continue serving others. "

~ Louise Sparkes 

About The Creator

Heidi Underwood BA Psych, MCBT

Heidi Underwood is a highly trained and sought after Mental Fitness Coach, and has been training, working and educating in the mental health and wellness industry for over 10 years.

She is a qualified Psychotherapist and has completed over a dozen qualifications, certifications, and trainings such as:

• Masters of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• Bachelor of Psychological Science
• Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
• Published Author
• Science of Change Coach
• Professional Speaker
• Trauma Informed Practice & Early Childhood Development
• Eriksonian Hypnosis
• Therapeutic Parenting and more.

Heidi’s entire philosophy for life is to enjoy what you can, while you can, and just be kind along the way. 

Her extensive life experiences involve major challenges such as family addictions, divorce and bankruptcy. Heidi has also experienced shock and grief when she suddenly lost her brother in 2020, shortly followed by her aunt and dog only 4 months later. These losses proved to her beyond any doubt that life is short, and must be lived with passion, happiness and joy.

Through it all she managed to maintain an incredible mindset, to face these challenges as they arose, and cope using healthy mechanisms and techniques that she now wants to share with the world.

Heidi spends her days raising her 3 young children, alongside her husband, Dave and 5 rescue pets. They involve their children in the business and their philosophy, encouraging them to adopt these same strategies and techniques for a brighter, happier and more productive future.

Heidi is super inspiring, I absolutely loved the content. It was easy to process the information, gave me some tools to help with my mindset and it is the type of book I will revisit time and time again. By the looks she is constantly growing and offering new and improved services too… well done!

~ Michelle La Bella

There is so much packed into this program for you..

Module 1: Life Pillars - $497
Module 2: Mindset - $447
Module 3: You - $247
Bonus #1: Head Start - $997
Bonus #2: Planner - Priceless

Total Value $2,238

You Pay $397

You Save $1,841

Module 1: Life Pillars

Module 2: Mindset

Module 3: Taking Care of You 

Bonus #1: Headstart program

Bonus #2: Printable planner 

Total Value

You Pay 

You Save 









Yes, that's literally 82% saving off the total price

As you can see, I'm bending over backwards to make this decision a no-brainer for you. I do this because I've been through the struggle, and I want to help you avoid the same potholes I had to step into. It's part of my purpose.

If you are not willing to do this for yourself, ask yourself, who needs you to do this? 

Who needs you to step up? 
If not now, then when? 

Let me do this for you..

If you buy the program and use it and don't feel like you got your moneys worth

I will guarantee you a complete 100% refund of your money 
within 30 days. 

No Questions Asked! 

If you can show me that you've completed the whole program and you don't feel like you got what you wanted for the program we will give you every dollar back.

I don't want your money if you're not happy..


I know you're going to be happy :) 

That's why I'm more than happy to put my money where my mouth is..

I've done everything I can do to make this a no brainer for you..

So I'll ask you again..

Who needs you to step up? 
If not now, then when? 

Hear What Others Have to Say..

"I could not speak of Heidi and the Akitu family any more highly. Everything that they stand for flows through the business and you feel that with every interaction; Heidi has the utmost empathy and has so much knowledge."

~ Tania Da Silva

"Akitu - the one stop shop for mental health and well-being! I love this brand and what it stands for. Heidi is a beautiful human who genuinely cares for her clients and wants to help them achieve their goals."

~ Candice Fowler

"Akitu has incredible products and courses to improve wellness and mental health. Everything you see reflects Heidi's compassion and dedication to improving people's lives."

~ Caroline Bellenger

"Heidi is super inspiring, I recieved her book and I absolutely loved the content. It was easy to process the information, gave me some tools to help with my mindset and it is the type of book I will revisit time and time again."

~ Michelle La Bella

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?
Every section is supported by video content of Heidi talking and guiding you through each and every step. You will have access to worksheets, tasks and activities, for every step, ensuring this to be interactive and not just another lecture!
Who's This For? 
Someone who is tired of being weighed down by their past and held back by their environment. The person who wants to finally move forward to a happier life but doesn’t have like-minded people around to guide and encourage them. The person who wants more from life but doesn’t know what that it is, or how to get there.
How Do I Receive My Program? 
You will receive immediate access once your payment is complete. Your own specific log in details will be emailed to you within 30 minutes of placing your order.
When Can I Access The Program? 
Instantly! Once you have completed the checkout process, your login details for the program will be instantly sent straight to your inbox. It really is THAT SIMPLE!
How Long Do I Get To Complete The Program?
This is the best part – there are no schedules, time limits or commitments to finish within a set time frame. This allows you to fit the process into your current lifestyle, even if you can only spare a few minutes a week.
Are There Any Requirements To Sign Up? 
You just need to be ready and willing to finally create the change you have been dreaming about for so long
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